Apatani Tribe Nose Plugs

The women of the Apatani tribe are popular and well-known for their large nose plugs.

The tribe consist of about 60,000 members that are constantly praised for their efficient agriculture where they do not use animals or machinery, but the tribe doesn’t seem to have any written history or traditions. Everything is passed down orally.

The tradition of the Apatani nose plugs is on that seems to be fading, but the older women in the tribe seem to be the few left with nose plugs. At one time in history, every woman in the tribe wore nose plugs, but girls born after the 1970s have not been practicing the tradition as often.

According to the Apatani women, the nose plugs were a way of protecting the women in the tribe. The women known to be beautiful and were constantly kidnapped from neighboring tribes. The nose plugs were a way to make the women less attractive to the other tribes.

By wearing the nose plugs and tattooing their faces (with a horizontal line down the face and 5 lines on the chin), the women were deemed less attractive.

apatani woman nose plugtani woman nose plug