Belly Button Piercing Trend

belly button Belly button piercings are popular amongst teens and young women.

Most young females who get a belly button piercing don’t realize the work that it takes to get it to heal properly. It’s not a good idea to get a belly button piercing and then go swimming in the ocean or pool.

When healing a fresh navel piercing, you want to keep it clean. Wash out the piercing with saline soaks at least twice a day. Avoid pools, oceans, lakes, and taking a bath (stick to showers).

Once the belly button piercing has healed, you want to stick with simple jewelry. Even though dangle belly button rings are fancy and “cute,” you want to stick with simple. The heavier the jewelry, the more you risk complications of migration and a crooked navel piercing.

Getting a belly button piercing as a teenager is just the thing to do. It’s definitely a trend amongst teenage girls, which is why you don’t find as many 30 year old women with navel piercings, and those that still have one most likely got it when they were younger.