Black Light Tattoo

Blacklight-Skeleton-TattooBlack light tattoos are also known as UV tattoos. These tattoos use special reactive ink that glows when under black light.

Some people have an entire tattoo solely a UV tattoo, whereas others may only use the UV ink as an accent to a regular tattoo.

But, these tattoos come with controversy. Many people love these tattoos, but many do not. The thrill of having a tattoo that is nearly invisible under regular lighting is appealing, but the risks of irritation is not.

This type of tattoo requires special ink, and there are different types of black light ink. Each brand has its own mix of chemicals; some inks contain Everglow, which is an additive often used on boats. The Chameleon Black Light Tattoo Ink is formulated without any harmful effects of other chemical mixtures, and it comes in 18 different colors.

The chemicals in black light ink can pose a potential health concern, which is why some tattoo artists don’t agree with UV tattoos.

Since some UV inks contain various chemicals, they can cause more irritation. Different people will be affected differently, but it is possible that a rash or various degrees of irritation may occur.

Other concerns with black light tattoos include:

  • Even though the ink is “invisible,” scarring can still occur and show if the tattoo is done incorrectly.
  • The ink can lose its reactiveness over time.
  • Some people have experienced browning once the ink comes in contact with sunlight.
  • Some experience itching and burning, but for some, this will go away over time, but for others, treatment may be required, which may include covering up the tattoo or laser tattoo removal.

Before getting a UV tattoo, you’ll want to keep these things in mind.

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