Piercing Gun or Piercing Needle

When getting a new piercing, it’s been fairly common practices at local malls and even in some doctor’s offices to use piercing guns. For a while, even tattoo shops used piercing guns. But, more recently, piercing needles have been the norm in tattoo shops and for a good reason. Piercing Guns Pros It’s convenient to go to a local mall shopping. It can be cheaper to get a piercing at the mall or at a […]


Ear Blowout

When stretching your ears, you want to make sure that they heal in-between each stretch. If you do not give your body enough time to heal properly, you run into risks that may, or may not, be reversible. A blowout occurs when you stretch too much, too fast. Basically, the pressure on the inside of the piercing is too much, and the hole deforms by twisting inside out. The inside tissues are pushed outward, which […]


Whisker Piercings

Cheek piercings that are placed close to the mouth and use labret studs are sometimes referred to as whiskers. In some cases, jewelry can be used to attach fake whiskers.


Infected Lip Piercing

An infection is one of the most common risks and problems with getting a lip piercing. Signs of an infected lip piercing start with pain and swelling. An infected piercing may be sore to the touch, discharge a yellow or green puss, or be excessively red around the jewelry. If you think that your piercing is infected, use listerine or salt wash after you eat. You’ll also want to clean the outside of the piercing […]


Stretched Nose Piercing

Any piercing can be stretched to a larger gauge. Generally, people tend to stretch lobe and cartilage piercings, but there are those who will stretch their nose piercings. In many cases, nose nostril piercings are pierced with a 16 gauge or 14 gauge needle. If you know that you want to stretch the piercing, you can ask the body piercer to use a larger needle size so that you don’t have to stretch as much. […]


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