Surface Piercing

Surface piercings are relatively new to body modifications, and there aren’t many piercers who are familiar with this type of piercing. Basically, the jewelry is shaped like a staple; it enters the skin at one point and exits at another point of a flat surface. Popular surface piercings include hip piercings, wrist piercings, nape piercings, and sternum piercings. These piercings can heal, but at the same time, they have a high rejection rate. Healing a […]


Dermal Punch

A dermal punch is used in the medical world to take biopsy samples, but in body modifications, it’s used when performing a Punch and Taper piercing. Generally a dermal punch is used for cartilage piercings because cartilage tissues are prone to developing scar tissue. The dermal punch reduces the risk of scarring because it reduces the pressure that a piercing puts on the wounded tissues. Plus, when stretching a cartilage piercings, it’s just quicker and […]


Risks of Stretching a Piercing

There are risks with anything you do to the body. When stretching a piercing, there are three basic risks. 1. Blow–outs may occur if you stretch too quickly. If the piercing hasn’t had proper time to heal, and you stretch, a blowout may occur. Basically, the skin tunnel is forced out the back of the piercing, which causes an extra piece of skin tissue around the edge of the stretched piercing. The skin will continue to grow with further stretching. […]


Will A Stretched Piercing Shrink?

This is a question that you should really ask yourself before you decide to stretch any piercing. If you think there is some possibility or potential that you may want to shrink a stretched piercing, it’s not recommended that you stretch it to begin with. You should go into every stretch as though it will not shrink back. It isn’t impossible for a gauged piercing to shrink, but not everyone will have the same experience. […]


Buy Fake Ear Plugs Online

You don’t have to actually stretch your ear piercing to achieve a gauged look. You can purchase fake ear plugs. Generally, these fake ear plugs are fit for an average piercing between 18g and 14g, but they’ll make your hole look as though you’ve stretched it to 2g, 00g, or larger. These earrings are great because you never have to worry about what you’ll do if you want to shrink an enlarged piercing. There’s nothing […]


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