Extreme Mods

Apatani Tribe Nose Plugs

The women of the Apatani tribe are popular and well-known for their large nose plugs. The tribe consist of about 60,000 members that are constantly praised for their efficient agriculture where they do not use animals or machinery, but the tribe doesn’t seem to have any written history or traditions. Everything is passed down orally. The tradition of the Apatani nose plugs is on that seems to be fading, but the older women in the […]


Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting is exactly what it sounds like… It’s the process of splitting the tongue into two halves. The tongue can be split all the way back to where the tongue meets the base of the mouth, but attempting to split past that would endanger muscles that should not be split. It’s not recommended to cut the tongue in more than two pieces, as it will begin to affect lingual nerves, the lingual gland, and […]


Women with Gold Teeth

Tribal women in Vietnam receive gold teeth when they are married. This is the equivalent of the modern world’s wedding band. With the flash of a sparkling smile, men know which women are single and which women are married. Plus, the tradition prevents men from having multiple wives, as it is a costly precedure. Women in these tribes can marry as young as 14 and 15 years old.


Indonesia Teeth Chiseling

The tribe women of Indonesia believe that they are more beautiful if they have their teeth chiseled into sharp points, but not only does it make them more beautiful, it maintains the proper balance between body and soul. These women undergo a very painful procedure to have their teeth chiseled without the use of any anesthetics. They bite on green bananas to help dull the pain, but for the most part, they feel every ounce […]


Lip Plate

Today’s labret piercing has nothing on the traditional lip plate customs of African tribes and cultures. Depending on the custom, the meaning behind the process may vary, but for the most part, it signifies beauty among women. The women in the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, Africa, use lip plates to signify they are ready to marry; they pierce the bottom lip with a wood stick and expand it daily. Eventually, when the hole is big […]


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