Extreme Mods

Horn Implants

Horns are a popular implant where pieces of Teflon or silicone are inserted beneath the skin on the forehead. Generally, the initial implant uses smaller pieces, but once the skin has stretched, larger pieces can be inserted to create larger horns. Horn implants are a form of subdermal implant, where the silicone piece is placed under the skin, creating a raised implant that is completely healed underneath the skin. Even Lady Gaga has gotten into […]


Neck Stretching

Neck stretching is an ancient practice mostly seen in Africa and Asia. The Kayan people from Myanmar and the people of Thailand were most common to practice neck stretching. The practice was initially used as an indication of welth, where women would be seen wearing brass neck rings. Other cultures, wore neck rings to indicate marriage or overall beauty. Generally, young girls would start wearing the neck rings at 5 years old, and as the […]


Chinese Foot Binding

Foot binding is not necessarily a modern body modification, but it is proof that man has attempted to alter the body for centuries. Foot binding began in the 10th century when women of a high class would practice binding because they thought it would make them more beautiful and appealing. Poor women were workers, so they were not able to practice this modification, but wealthy women did not need to be on their feet as […]


Ear Cropping

It’s more common to see a Pit Bull, Boxer, or Great Dane with cropped ears, but there are some people who choose to crop their ears. When cropping a human ear, the top part of the ear cartilage is removed to reshape the ear. Generally, the process of human ear cropping involves removing the cartilage with a scalpel and then electrocauterizing it or suturing the ear to seal it. When a human crops his ears, […]


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