Modified People

Lizard Man – Eric Sprague

Eric Sprague was born on June 12, 1972. He grew up mostly in New York, but lives in Texas with his wife. In the early 1990s, Sprague started contemplating his transformation, choosing a reptilian theme because he felt it would fit best with a total body and mind transformation. After playing with different ideas, the lizard theme just worked better with his ideas, like a split tongue and teeth. Sprague’s thought was that modifying his […]


Human Tiger Man – Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner is a descendant of American Indians; his Indian name is ‘Stalking Cat.’ He says a Native chief inspired him to ‘follow the ways of the tiger.’ Avner’s parents were of Huron and Lakota heritage, and within ancient Huron tradition, it is common to alter oneself to mirror one’s own totem. Avner has spent a large sum of money making himself look like a large cat. He does not know exactly how much he has spent, but […]


Maria Jose Cristerna – Vampire Woman

Maria Jose Cristerna grew up is a devout Catholic home. She married at 17, and suffered an abusive marriage. Cristerna turned to tattoos and body modification as a form of self-expression and liberation. She says that the beatings she suffered in her marriage triggered her reinventation, which led to nearly 100% of her body being altered to some degree. Maria Cristerna has multiple piercings on her ears and face. She has titanium subdermal implants on […]