Sunflower Tattoo Pictures

Sunflower tattoos are not the most common flower tattoo, especially when compared to roses, lilies and daisies. Small sunflowers are a symbol of adoration, whereas large sunflowers are signs of loyalty. Because sunflowers turn toward the sun, they’re also seen in association with sun worship.


3D Tattoos

It’s not uncommon for tattoos to have shading and maybe a background design, but 3D tattoos are drawn and designed to look like an object on the skin. Many people tend to opt for a bug or insect of some sort, but a 3D tattoo can be of anything that looks like it’s popping off the skin, or even indented into the skin. Keep in mind that just because your tattoo has shading, it doesn’t […]


Swallow Tattoo Meaning

Swallow tattoos are pretty popular. Some people get them just because they can be quite attractive and there is a wide range of designs that can make them unique. Others, get them because of the symbolism behind the tattoo. First and foremost, swallows are popular among sailors. The sight of swallows meant that land was near, so swallows were a sign of hope and a safe trip home. The 7 mutineers who started the mutiny […]


Meaning of Horse Tattoos

Dark horse tattoos can be deceiving with two meanings- 1) a devilish side and 2) the come-from-behind winner. Horse shoe tattoos are popular tattoos with multiple meanings. Horse shoes that are turned with the open end up, it’s a good luck charm holding in the luck. Otherwise, a single set of tracks can represent the road less traveled. Iron horse tattoos can be used to show your admiration for trains or motorcycles, as both have […]


Black Light Tattoo

Black light tattoos are also known as UV tattoos. These tattoos use special reactive ink that glows when under black light. Some people have an entire tattoo solely a UV tattoo, whereas others may only use the UV ink as an accent to a regular tattoo. But, these tattoos come with controversy. Many people love these tattoos, but many do not. The thrill of having a tattoo that is nearly invisible under regular lighting is […]


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