Meaning of Tattoos

Turtle Tattoo Meaning

Turtle tattoos are not always the most common animal tattoo, but they have different significance depending on who you ask, and in some cases, the turtle will be within a larger tattoo which will have a whole new meaning. Turtles and tortoises are wide and varied per species, whether you’re looking at an African spurred tortoise or a sea turtle, but all the same, turtles and tortoises are graceful creatures with a long life span. […]


Meaning of Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are mythological creatures that are generally found in some form of nature, or a natural spirit. The concept derives from medieval Western European folklore, and is commonly seen throughout literature. Even Shakespeare used fairies in his writing. Fairies typically take a human form, but have some magical power. The idea and belief behind fairies varies greatly, so depending on who you ask, the symbolism behind a fairy tattoo will probably vary, as well. Common […]


Heart Tattoo Meaning

There are so many different types of heart tattoos, and each one may mean something a little different to everyone. The most common meaning of a heart tattoo is going to be love, passion, and adoration, but depending on the design, the meaning will vary. Bleeding heart tattoos: lost love Broken heart tattoos: loss of a loved one, rejected love, or a failed relationship Pierced heart tattoos: unforgetable and saddened memories of love Hearts with dagger: […]


Skull Tattoo Meaning

Skulls are not always gothic and do not always represent death. There are many meanings of skull tattoos, and for each person, there will be different meanings. Popular skull tattoos include variations of the Day of the Dead, or Sugar Skulls, which commonly symbolize a death or renewal. For example, the Mexican holiday (All Saint’s Day) celebrates the deaths of children and infants who have died throughout the year, which is why it’s not uncommon […]


Meaning of Koi Tattoos

According to legend, a koi succeeded in climbing the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River and was transformed into a dragon. Based on the legend, the koi became a symbol of aspiration, advancement, courage, perseverance in adversity, and strength of purpose. Depending on how you look at it, the koi fish can mean different things. Some see it as a sign of fortune and luck, whereas others find it as a symbol of harmony. In the […]


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