Meaning of Flower Tattoos

Flowers are very popular tattoos, and sometimes they’re an addition to a tattoo just for aesthetics. But, in other cases, they have true meaning and symbolism. Different flowers have different meanings. Cherry Blossoms: Tattoos of cherry blossoms tend be to designed for girls, symbolizing feminine beauty and love in Chine or the transience of life in Japan. Daisies:  Daisies are common tattoos for the feet, ankle, and shoulders. The flower is delicate and pretty, and symbolizes the feminine […]


Sugar Skull Tattoo Pictures

Sugar skulls are most commonly seen on Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). They are decorative candies made of sugar, chocolate, and other types of sweets. They’re traditionally given as gifts to the living and the dead to celebrate and memoralize lost loved ones. Sugar skulls are pretty popular tattoos. They care generally full of color and meaning. Sugar skull tattoos are generally elaborately decorated based on the request of the person getting the tattoo.


Buy Sleeve Tattoos

You no longer have to sit in agony to get a real sleeve. You can buy sleeve tattoos online. They come in a variety of designs and styles, ranging from tribal, new school, black and white, color, etc. There are many options that you can buy online depending on what style you’re looking for. These are great for costumes. The president of the company I work for actually wore two sleeves at a company meeting […]


Sleeve Tattoo Pictures

A sleeve tattoo is basically a series of small tattoos or one big tattoo that covers the arm. Half sleeves only cover half of the arm, whereas full sleeve tattoos cover the entire arm. Many people collect enough tattoos to have what appears to be a sleeve tattoo, but others carefully design and place one large tattoo on the arm.


Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Butterflies are one of the more popular insect tattoos. They can represent a variety of things, most commonly being a new beginning. In Japan, one butterfly stands for young womanhood, while two butterflies symbolize marital bliss. Aztecs believe the butterfly stands for the souls of dead warriors who died on the battlefield and women who died during childbirth. In Christianity, butterflies stand for the soul which escaped the confines of the flesh. In the west, […]


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