Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanent makeup would be great. It would definitely be a time saver for women who don’t like getting up and putting on makeup every day. If you only had to get up, get a shower, do your hair, and go to work, we’d be happy campers. Well, it is possible. If you have faint eyebrows, no eyebrows, or no eyebrows, you can have them tattooed on. Lip liner can help give definition to your lips, […]


Meaning of a Lily Tattoo

Generally, a lily symbolizes purity, but with each different types of lilies, there are different meanings of lily tattoos. The calla lily is a symbol of beauty. The orange lily is a symbol of hate. The tiger lily is a symbol of pride or prosperity. The Easter lily is a symbol of Christianity and resurrection. Other meanings of the lily flower can vary. In Greek mythology, the lily came from the milk of Hera. In […]


Rose Tattoo Meaning

The most common and basic meaning of a rose tattoo is of love and passion. Even in the Bible, the red rose is a symbol of love. Commonly, a red rose is accompanied by a name, showing timeless love for the person. A thorned red rose is more of a reminder that love hurts. A white rose means eternal love, innocence, and naivety. A pink rose symbolizes gentle grace, elegance, and admiration. Small pink roses […]


Eyebrow Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing is an ancient art with eyebrow tattooing being as old as civilization, but becoming popular in the 1920s. Eyebrow tattooing was originally associated with people who were vain and fashionable, whereas in modern society, it is a common practice. It is common for people who suffer various illnesses to have their eyebrows tattooed. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis or illnesses that cause shaky hands may not be able to apply eye makeup […]


Meaning of Frog Tattoos

Frogs have different meanings and symbolism. One may see frogs as a sign of transformation into adulthood, or the sign of struggling to find a place in life. Frogs even represent fertility in some cultures, as frogs are known to lay large numbers of eggs. Frog symbolism ranges from luck, purity, rebirth, healing metamorphosis, transition, dreaming, intuition, and an opportunity. In Egypt, Heket, is the Frog-headed goddess of birthing. In the Celtic culture, frogs were […]


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