Meaning of Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos should not be confused with tribal tattoos. These tattoos are complex and intricate designs. They mostly symbolize wisdom, the life cycle, and the deep understanding of math and geometry. Celtic Cross Tattoo- The Celtic cross consists of a cross over a circle. The Celtic cross symbolizes the bridge between earth and heaven. Celtic Knot Tattoo- Celtic knots are decorative as well as cultural and symbolic. They are made of interwoven spirals and mazes. […]


Meaning of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos can be complex and classy. They have been a major role in the heritage and history of many cultures around the world. They are generally seen with long, thick, symmetrical designs that may resemble flames or spears. Ancient tribal tattoos deviated different classes of people, as well as one tribe from another. In some cases, tattoos were used to showcase achievements and social status. Hunters tattooed their personal achievements on their body. Tribal […]


Meaning of Snake Tattoos

Snakes are often seen as evil, but you will find that snakes are one of the more complicated animals in regards to their symbolism. Snakes range from symbolizing agriculture, sex, mysticism, philosophy, wisdom, passion, intuition, fertility, physical and spiritual rebirth, a dual nature, creation and destruction, security and danger, and unity of opposites. The curved body of the snake is seen as a symbol for the spiral movement of the universe. If the snake is […]


Signs of an Infected Tattoo

You can potentially avoid an infection with proper aftercare, and ensuring that yoru tattoo artist uses clean equipment. Developing an infection in or around your tattoo can greatly disfigure and ruin your tattoo. Also use clean hands when caring for a new tattoo in order to best prevent an infection. An infection generally starts when a bacteria invades the healing tattoo. This is why it is very important to use clean hands when caring for […]


Signs of Tattoo Scarring

Scarring can make your tattoo look bad, so you want to make sure that before you get a tattoo, that you’re going to a reputable artist. You’ll find that many of the problems that are associated with a bad tattoo artist. If the tattoo artist digs too deep when tattooing, the risk of scarring is increased. Signs of scarring include raised skin, discoloration, raised bumps, and sometimes random itchiness. In most cases, the scarring will […]


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