Ear Blowout

ear blow out

When stretching your ears, you want to make sure that they heal in-between each stretch. If you do not give your body enough time to heal properly, you run into risks that may, or may not, be reversible.

A blowout occurs when you stretch too much, too fast. Basically, the pressure on the inside of the piercing is too much, and the hole deforms by twisting inside out.

The inside tissues are pushed outward, which creates an unsightly look to your stretched piercing.

Once you’ve experienced a blowout, your first question is probably whether or not you can undo a blowout.

Well, the concern is whether or not you’ve continued to stretch the piercing despite the blowout. If you’ve continued to stretch, the tissues are most likely healed at this point and cannot be reversed except by a doctor.

If you spotted the blowout before the tissues have healed, you want to go ahead and downsize the jewelry you’re using until the ear blowout has healed. Wear single flare jewelry backward so that the tissues will be pushed back. You’ll want to massage the tissues with warm sea salt soaks and try to heal the tissues naturally. After waiting a few months, try to stretch the piercing again; consider using tapers that you can push through the piercing slowly so as not to cause a blowout again.