Eyebrow Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing is an ancient art with eyebrow tattooing being as old as civilization, but becoming popular in the 1920s. Eyebrow tattooing was originally associated with people who were vain and fashionable, whereas in modern society, it is a common practice.

It is common for people who suffer various illnesses to have their eyebrows tattooed. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis or illnesses that cause shaky hands may not be able to apply eye makeup or properly form their eyebrows, and people who have had chemo may lose their eyebrows to never grow back. It’s even an alternative for people with cataracts, are blind, or have a seeing problem where they cannot assess their makeup.

The basic procedure is done the same way as regular tattooing. The eyebrow doesn’t necessarily have to be shaved, but the tattoo gun can go in-between and around the hairs.

There are two methods. 1) is using a tattoo gun, or 2) hand needles. Hand needles create a manual tattoo that can be painful, but it can cause less bleeding, bruising, and swelling; it also allows for delicate work.

Have the eyebrows drawn on so that you can ensure the proper arch and thickness that you want. Everyone’s facial structure and preferences will vary. Just make sure you’re happy before the eyebrows are tattooed onto your face.

A good tattoo artist will make the eyebrows look natural.

Like any tattoo, eyebrow tattoos are susceptible to fading over time.