Meaning of Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are mythological creatures that are generally found in some form of nature, or a natural spirit. The concept derives from medieval Western European folklore, and is commonly seen throughout literature. Even Shakespeare used fairies in his writing.

Fairies typically take a human form, but have some magical power. The idea and belief behind fairies varies greatly, so depending on who you ask, the symbolism behind a fairy tattoo will probably vary, as well.

Common beliefs as to what fairies are and how they are formed include:

  • Ghosts of the dead
  • Another¬†species of intelligent beings, different from both humans and angels
  • Demoted angels as they were shut out of Heaven’s gates; they reside in-between Heaven and Hell.
  • Devils
  • Actually humans born of a human woman who hid them (her children) from God
  • Product of a baby’s first laugh
  • Goddesses and Gods

Depending on how you see fairies, the meaning may vary from innocence and a child-like qualities or the passing of a new stage in one’s life. Sometimes fairies may even represent a guardian angel, seduction, or eternal youth.

Fairies can also represent different personalities from mischievious, magical, and hostile.