Meaning of Frog Tattoos

Frogs have different meanings and symbolism. One may see frogs as a sign of transformation into adulthood, or the sign of struggling to find a place in life. Frogs even represent fertility in some cultures, as frogs are known to lay large numbers of eggs.

Frog symbolism ranges from luck, purity, rebirth, healing metamorphosis, transition, dreaming, intuition, and an opportunity.

In Egypt, Heket, is the Frog-headed goddess of birthing.

In the Celtic culture, frogs were deemed lord over all the earth. The Celts believed that it represented healing powers because of its connection with water and rain, which was considered cleansing.

Many Western and European culture view the frog as a sign of development, as the frog must develop from egg to tadpole to an adult frog. Resurrection and spiritual evolution are two other signs associated with frogs due to their metamorphosis.

In China, the frog is an emblem of the Yin energy and is thought of as luck.

In some cultures frogs are seen as a link between the living and the dead. In Asian custom, a jade frog was placed in the mouth of the dead to ensure the spirit would pass safely.

So, whether a frog tattoos is a cartoon, realistic, or tribal, the meaning will vary.