Eyeball Implant

The eyeball implant, or eyeball piercing, is unlike any other implant you’ve seen and must be performed under a medical environment, as the jewel is placed into the surface of the white of the eye.

This is a legal procedure offered by eye clinics in the Netherlands. The clinician will immobilize the eye with anesthetic drops, and then separate the tissues with a liquid. They then implant the jewelry within the superficial and interpalpebral conjunctiva. The implant does not interfere with the functions of the eye or visual performance.

JewelEye is the brand who designs the platinum alloy jewel. Currently they only make a heart, star, four-leaf clover, a musical note, and the Eurosign.

The only way to get an eyeball implant is to travel to the Netherlands to see either the Cornea Clinic or the Oogzorgcentrum Driebergen (which are the only two clinicians who perform the procedure). No other county has legalized the procedure.

If a clinician is caught in the United States performing eyeball implants, he may get up to three years in jail.