Magnetic Implant

Magnetic implants involve having a small magnetic placed underneath the skin so that magnetic materials can be attached to the outside of the skin and can be held into place.

There are not many magnets that are actually strong enough to hold a magnetic force between the skin tissues. Jesse Jarrell and Steve Haworth are working on ways to make magnetic implants safe and more viable for a long-term modification. But, to date, the magnets are strong and small, but not perfect.

The magnetic implant is a neodymium iron boron alloy that is coated in a thin gold plating and then wrapped in silicone. Many people have not had any problems with the implant, but some people have developed problems in which meant the implant had to be removed.

The main concern with the magnet that Jesse and Steve have created is that the implant is that the silicone material covering the magnet can rupture. If this happens, the metal is in direct contact with bodily tissues, which can cause it to easily break down within the body.