Infected Tongue Piercing

A tongue piercing is pretty simple to heal, but if you do not care for a new tongue piercing, you may experience an infection. Depending on when you catch the infection, it can become quite severe.

Signs of a tongue ring infection include mild swelling, tongue discoloration, pus discharge, pain, redness, and bleeding.

You will experience redness, swelling, and bleeding after getting your tongue pierced, but if these signs persist or worsen, an infection may be developing.

If you have an infected tongue piercing, consider taking better care of your piercing. You have too much bacteria going on in there. Clean the piercing so food residue isn’t sitting around the piercing; keep your fingers out of your mouth; and protect the new piercing as best as you can.

Treating an infected tongue piercing when you’ve caught the infection early on is simple; practice basic aftercare. If the infection worsens or persists, you may need to visit your doctor for an antibiotic. Refrain from kissing, rinse your mouth with salty water several times a day, and leave the jewelry alone until the piercing has healed.