Lizard Man – Eric Sprague

Eric Sprague was born on June 12, 1972. He grew up mostly in New York, but lives in Texas with his wife.

In the early 1990s, Sprague started contemplating his transformation, choosing a reptilian theme because he felt it would fit best with a total body and mind transformation. After playing with different ideas, the lizard theme just worked better with his ideas, like a split tongue and teeth.

Sprague’s thought was that modifying his body was from an artistic statement based off the works and ideas of Wittgenstein and family resemblances. By modifying his body, the Lizard Man would be able to completely differentiate himself.

Unlike the Tiger Man, The Lizard Man isn’t trying to completely change himself into a reptile, as he does have modifications that aren’t necessarily reptilian, such as gauged ears and tattoos that are not scales.

The Lizard Man’s modifications include:

  • 650-700 hours of tattooing
  • Half-inch stretched septum piercing
  • Stretched earlobe piercings
  • 5 Teflon subdermal horns
  • 4 filed teeth
  • Split tongue

snake man