Meaning of Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos should not be confused with tribal tattoos. These tattoos are complex and intricate designs. They mostly symbolize wisdom, the life cycle, and the deep understanding of math and geometry.

Celtic Cross Tattoo- The Celtic cross consists of a cross over a circle. The Celtic cross symbolizes the bridge between earth and heaven.

Celtic Knot Tattoo- Celtic knots are decorative as well as cultural and symbolic. They are made of interwoven spirals and mazes. The Celtic knot meaning is not entirely known, but it it believed to have complex meanings such as the intricacy of nature and life. There is no beginning or end, such as the cycle of the season and the cycle of eternity.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoo– The Celtic butterfly tattoo is the symbol of rebirth and transformation.

Claddagh Tattoo– The Claddagh tattoo is a popular Celtic tattoo that symbolizes friendship or marriage. The tattoo is generally a ring that portrays a heart with a crown that is held by two hands. The crown means loyalty; hands symbolize friendship; the heart stands for love.

Celtic Shamrock– The Celtic shamrock tattoo represents Ireland, and is the symbol for the holy trinity within the Irish Catholic Church.

Celtic Heart Tattoo– Celtic heart tattoos tend to stand for the union of two souls. They are generally used to express devotion for loved ones.

Other Celtic Tattoos

  • Celtic Tree Of Life Tattoo
  • Dragon
  • Dog
  • Bear and bear claw
  • Ravens and other birds
  • Lion Flowers
  • Pentagram
  • Horses
  • Eagle