Meaning of Flower Tattoos

Flowers are very popular tattoos, and sometimes they’re an addition to a tattoo just for aesthetics. But, in other cases, they have true meaning and symbolism.

Different flowers have different meanings.

Cherry Blossoms: Tattoos of cherry blossoms tend be to designed for girls, symbolizing feminine beauty and love in Chine or the transience of life in Japan.

Daisies:  Daisies are common tattoos for the feet, ankle, and shoulders. The flower is delicate and pretty, and symbolizes the feminine and lady-like appearance, as well as innocence, loyalty in faith, love, and purity.

Forget-Me-Not Flowers: It’s said that those who get this tattoo are never forgotten by their lovers.

Hibiscus Flowers: Hibiscus tattoos tend to symbolize being consumed by love or delicate beauty. Sometimes the flower is seen as a symbol of grace and charm.

Irises: These tattoos tend to mean passion of the wearer.

Lilies: The lily flower stands for purity and innocence. In Egypt, the flower stood for fertility.

  • Orange Lilies stand for hatred.
  • Calla Lilies mean beauty.
  • Tiger Lilies symbolize pride and prosperity.

lotus tattooLotus Flowers: These flowers are common because they denote the purity of the soul as it survives in the murky waters of society. The lotus itself lies in where it grows, floating in muddy water, hence the symbolism. In India and China, the lotus symbolizes the spirit as it is awakened, and in Japanese culture. In the Buddhist culture, the lotus symbolizes enlightenment, and in Hinduism, the flower means life, fertility, youth, and feminine beauty.

Narcissus: This flower symbolizes self-esteem.

Orchids: Orchids are mysterious.

Peony Flowers: Where most flower tattoos symbolize innocence and beauty; this flower may even stand for anger and a risky-type behavior.

Roses: love and beauty are the most common meanings of roses. The Christians symbolize the Virgin Mary with roses, and the Egyptians use roses to symbolize the Goddess Isis, which stood for an ideal mother and wife.

Different color roses symbolize different things.

  • Black roses symbolize death and mourning.
  • Blue roses stand for mystery and achieving the impossible.
  • Red roses tend to stand for love and romance, as well as courage.
  • Pink roses symbolize femininity, grace, and admiration.
  • Yellow roses mean jealousy.
  • White roses mean eternal love and innocence.

Rose buds, on the other hand, mean beauty and youth.

Sunflowers: These tattoos have multiple meanings depending on the size of the tattoo. Small sunflower tattoos stands for adoration, whereas big sunflower tattoos tend to mean loyalty.

Sweet Peas: Symbolize pleasure.

Violets: These flowers tend to symbolize faithfulness and modesty.