Meaning of Horse Tattoos

Dark horse tattoos can be deceiving with two meanings- 1) a devilish side and 2) the come-from-behind winner.

Horse shoe tattoos are popular tattoos with multiple meanings. Horse shoes that are turned with the open end up, it’s a good luck charm holding in the luck. Otherwise, a single set of tracks can represent the road less traveled.

tribal horseIron horse tattoos can be used to show your admiration for trains or motorcycles, as both have been called iron horses.

War horse tattoos often represents courage, bravery, and strength.

Throughout the past, horses have had a variety of meanings to include:

  • Man’s  improved civilization
  • A messenger that relayed spiritual knowledge to humans
  • Warrior
  • Nobility and power
  • Stamina and stability
  • Beauty
  • A rebellious nature

horse tattoos

war horse tattoo