Meaning of Koi Tattoos

According to legend, a koi succeeded in climbing the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River and was transformed into a dragon. Based on the legend, the koi became a symbol of aspiration, advancement, courage, perseverance in adversity, and strength of purpose.

Depending on how you look at it, the koi fish can mean different things. Some see it as a sign of fortune and luck, whereas others find it as a symbol of harmony.

In the Buddhism, koi fish represents courage, as humans ‘swim’ through the ‘ocean of suffering’ without fear, similar to that of the fish swimming through the water.

Some find the koi as symbolic with family, as on Children’s Day, koi flags are raised. Black koi represents the father, orange/red is the mother, blue/white is a boy, and red/pink represents a girl.

Regarding colors, some believe that the colors that are chosen for the koi tattoo each have their own meanings. Blue koi can be seen as the male dominant nature or reproduction, whereas the red koi can be seen as bravery and exuberance.

Koi can even be seen as a symbol of love, as “koi” is translated to “love” in English. In this sense, koi is translated as love or a longing feeling, whether a romantic love or a passionate love.