Meaning of Snake Tattoos

Snakes are often seen as evil, but you will find that snakes are one of the more complicated animals in regards to their symbolism.

Snakes range from symbolizing agriculture, sex, mysticism, philosophy, wisdom, passion, intuition, fertility, physical and spiritual rebirth, a dual nature, creation and destruction, security and danger, and unity of opposites.

The curved body of the snake is seen as a symbol for the spiral movement of the universe. If the snake is biting its own tail, it’s a symbol of eternity and self-sufficiency.

On the other hand, snakes are also symbols of world destruction, loss of eternal life, and the emblem of death and chaos.

Snakes killed with a sword is often a sign of courage and valor, as well as hatred, whereas a snake curled around a curved solar disk is plays patronage to the sun.

You will find that in some Asian cultures, snakes symbolize a positive connotation, such as a guard to sacred places, water springs, treasures, and  rejuvenation. There is belief that precious stones are made of the snake’s saliva. Medical symbols are often seen with snakes.

It is a Native American symbol of masculinity, often being seen with a phallus of lightening or encircling the Earth.

Snakes symbolize wisdom and secret knowledge in the ancient Celtic culture, as well as rebirth and renewal.

In Eastern Indian myths, the word for ‘snake’ was associated with water and water’s symbolism of emotion, love, and motion. It served as a more feminine nature with benevolent and wise qualities.

Popular snake tattoos will include apples, swords, or a bowl. Tribal snakes are also popular.