Meaning of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos can be complex and classy. They have been a major role in the heritage and history of many cultures around the world. They are generally seen with long, thick, symmetrical designs that may resemble flames or spears.

Ancient tribal tattoos deviated different classes of people, as well as one tribe from another. In some cases, tattoos were used to showcase achievements and social status. Hunters tattooed their personal achievements on their body. Tribal head tattoos meant the person required more respect. Tribe leaders had darker, more powerful tattoos. Medicine men and witch doctors were also tattooed with distinct designs.

Many men decorated their bodies with tribal tattoos as a sign of toughness and of a strong aura. They used their tattoos to show women and get their attention.

Although their meanings have evolved over the centuries, for the most part, tribal tattoos are now chosen for aesthetics.

They are commonly seen in shapes or with objects to create a more aesthetic image. Generally, tribal tattoos are black, but some people will add color to their tattoo.