Tongue Piercing Care

Tongue piercings are one of the more popular piercings. Depending on your pain tolerance, the actual pain of getting your tongue pierced will vary, but for the most part, getting a tongue ring is relatively painless. Generally, the tongue will swell, but again the amount of swelling will vary per person. If the barbell is placed further back on the tongue, you may experience more swelling, but for the most part, it will take about 8 […]


Meaning of Star Tattoos

There are different meanings of star tattoos, but for the most part, the meaning behind a star will depend on the type of star. Common meanings of star tattoos include: The choice to study astronomy Signify a child’s birth Represent a significant change in your life The desire to achieve higher goals Symbolize a bright point in your life The number of points on a star will also change the meaning of a star tattoo. […]


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