Rose Tattoo Meaning

The most common and basic meaning of a rose tattoo is of love and passion. Even in the Bible, the red rose is a symbol of love. Commonly, a red rose is accompanied by a name, showing timeless love for the person.

A thorned red rose is more of a reminder that love hurts.

A white rose means eternal love, innocence, and naivety.

A pink rose symbolizes gentle grace, elegance, and admiration. Small pink roses on women may represent a feminine personality.

A black rose symbolizes death and darkness.

Orange roses mean a new excitement or enthusiam. An orange rose may represent a a new found respect for life.

A blue rose symbolizes fantasy and fascination, and purple roses generally mean love at first sight and enchantment.

In some cases, colors can be combined to make new meanings of rose tattoos.

  • Red and white roses can mean mercy, unity, and justice.
  • Red and yellow roses can be a symbol of congratulations.
  • Yellow and orage roses can represent passionate thoughts.

Roses can be accompanied by tribal art, vines, skulls, other flowers, and other images. Depending on the tattoo, color, style, and the person who is adorned by the rose tattoo, the meaning of the tattoo will vary.