There are two different types of rubbing techniques that can be implemented to add color to a scar.

Keep in mind that when rubbing foreign agents into the body will increase the risk of infection.

Ink Rubbing

After the cutting has been completed, tattoo ink is rubbed into the wound. Not all of the ink will stay, but what stays will created a colored scar. It isn’t common that significant ink will remain once the scar heals, so it can be disappointing.

Red ink is most commonly used to help emphasize the cut without resulting in a scar that resembles a poorly done tattoo.

Do not pick at the scab, as you will remove the ink from the fresh scab.

Ash Rubbing

This technique is similar to ink rubbing, but ashes are used instead of tattoo ink. The ash will irritate the wound to increase the amount of scarring, and it can discolor the scar to achieve a desired look. Some people will rub cremation ashes into a cut, as a form of emotional significance and process, integrating the person into the body.

Ash rubbing is not consistent, which will not result in a uniform appearance.