Will A Stretched Piercing Shrink?

This is a question that you should really ask yourself before you decide to stretch any piercing.

If you think there is some possibility or potential that you may want to shrink a stretched piercing, it’s not recommended that you stretch it to begin with. You should go into every stretch as though it will not shrink back.

It isn’t impossible for a gauged piercing to shrink, but not everyone will have the same experience. It really depends on a few different factors.

• Size of Stretch: The larger you go, the less likely it will go back to its original size. 0 gauge has been coined “the point of no return,” which means that once you have stretched a piercing to a 0 gauge, it’s not going to go back. If you stretch over the 0 gauge, a piercing may shrink, but not necessarily to a 16 gauge.
• Length of Stretch Time: The longer your piercing has been at a larger gauge, the less likely the piercing will not shrink back to a 16 gauge.

• How It Was Stretched: Piercing stretched too quickly and piercings with scar tissue will have trouble reverting to an average gauge.  Stretched piercings performed with a scalpel or dermal punch, will have a minimal chance of shrinking.

But, everyone’s body is different. The amount that a piercing will shrink, will vary.