Signs of an Infected Tattoo

You can potentially avoid an infection with proper aftercare, and ensuring that yoru tattoo artist uses clean equipment.

Developing an infection in or around your tattoo can greatly disfigure and ruin your tattoo. Also use clean hands when caring for a new tattoo in order to best prevent an infection.

An infection generally starts when a bacteria invades the healing tattoo. This is why it is very important to use clean hands when caring for a new tattoo, avoid swimming, and ensure clothing and sheets are clean.

Signs of an infected tattoo include severe pain and tenderness, redness, swelling, and pus. You may even experience muscle spasms around the area of the tattoo and fever, depending on the severity of the infection.

If the infection is set deep within the tattoo, you may not experience all of the signs of an infection, but you will still experience pain and possibly swelling.

In most cases, it will take at least a week before you notice any signs of infection. The redness and soreness experienced within the first few days after getting the tattoo is normal tattoo healing.

When treating an infected tattoo, use an antibacterial cream, such as Neosporin. If the infection doesn’t appear to be healing, you may need to seek medical care for oral or topical antibiotics.

Whenever you get a new tattoo, it is very important to do what you can to prevent an infection with proper aftercare.