Meaning of Star Tattoos

There are different meanings of star tattoos, but for the most part, the meaning behind a star will depend on the type of star.

Common meanings of star tattoos include:

  • The choice to study astronomy
  • Signify a child’s birth
  • Represent a significant change in your life
  • The desire to achieve higher goals
  • Symbolize a bright point in your life

The number of points on a star will also change the meaning of a star tattoo.

  • Shooting Star: Symbolize a moment in time that left a lasting impression.
  • Nautical Star: A symbol of protection and guidance in life and travel, as sailors used the stars to navigate the oceans.
  • Pentagram: A downward facing pentagram mimics a ram’s head and is often a symbol of the devil. An upward facing pentagram may represent the four elements with the top point representing the Spirit who resides over all four elements. In general, 5-pointed stars can be seen as protection, balance, and even the four elements
  • Hexagram or The Star of David: This star is a strong symbol of Judaism. The 6-pointed star represents each day of the week with the center corresponding with the Sabboth. This star symbolizes the interaction of the Divine with humans.
  • Septagram: The 7-pointed star symbolizes integration and mysticism. It is a common symbol with Hindu chakras
  • Octogram: The 8-pointed star represents fullness and regeneration.
  • Nonogram: The 9-pointed star represents achievement and stability, to include stability in the form of change.