Stretched Nose Piercing

Any piercing can be stretched to a larger gauge. Generally, people tend to stretch lobe and cartilage piercings, but there are those who will stretch their nose piercings.

In many cases, nose nostril piercings are pierced with a 16 gauge or 14 gauge needle. If you know that you want to stretch the piercing, you can ask the body piercer to use a larger needle size so that you don’t have to stretch as much.

Some people may want to use a dermal punch initially, which skips many steps while stretching a piercing, but it is hard to reverse.

When stretching a nose piercing, it is best to use metal tapers.

The pain will vary on the individual’s pain tolerance.

When stretching a piercing, it is best to stretch only one gauge at a time. One should also wait in-between stretches so that the tissues have time to heal and adjust.

Cartilage is not very forgiving, so when stretching a nose piercing, be patient.