Risks of Stretching a Piercing

There are risks with anything you do to the body. When stretching a piercing, there are three basic risks.

1. Blowouts may occur if you stretch too quickly. If the piercing hasn’t had proper time to heal, and you stretch, a blowout may occur. Basically, the skin tunnel is forced out the back of the piercing, which causes an extra piece of skin tissue around the edge of the stretched piercing. The skin will continue to grow with further stretching. If you experience a blowout, you will need to down-size the gauge.

2. Tearing may occur when you stretch too fast, too soon. If you tear the tissues, it isn’t recommended to continue stretching the piercing. The tissues will heal, but a split or opening that may remain. Depending on how bad the tear, you may need to consult a plastic surgeon.

3. Infections can develop if the piercing is not cleaned regularly or properly, or if you use improper jewelry.