After Care

After you’ve gotten your tattoo, the artist will bandage it. You want to leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours, but you never want to leave the bandage on for an extended period, nor do you want to replace the bandage once you remove the original.

When removing the bandage, try not to remove any of the ink. If the tattoo sticks to the bandage, stop pulling and pour cool water between the gauze and your skin, which should loosen the bandage.

Once you’ve successfully removed the bandage, wash your tattoo with your fingertips using a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse cool water over the tattoo and pat dry. Do not put the tattoo under a full force faucet or get a bath, submerging the tattoo.

Use a light coat of tattoo-safe lotion; never coat the tattoo too thick because you want it to be able to breath and heal. Do not use lotions that contain coloring or fragrance, and ensure that the lotion is not petroleum based. Many tattoo artists will recommend Lubridurm or a tattoo-specific lotion, such as H2O Tattoo Aftercare.

Most importantly, when healing a new tattoo, do not rub, scrub, pick, or scratch. You do not want to pull any ink from the healing tattoo.

Once the tattoo has healed, you’ll want to make sure that you use sunscreen on the tattoo in order to prevent fading when out in the sun. You may even consider having the tattoo touched up to fill in any gaps in the ink.