Temporary Teeth Tattoo

After Barmy Baz Franks, a UK plumber, spent hours in a dentist’s chair to have Prince William and Kate Middleton temporarily tattooed on his teeth, a fad was created. In Japan, people are using stick-on tattoos that are commonly used with nail art.

These temporary tattoos stick on the teeth, and you’ll find men and women placing diamonds, hearts, stars, anchors, crosses, ladybugs, butterflies, and rainbows on their teeth. Some women even match their teeth tattoo to their nail designs.

Leave it to Japan to find the new crazy trend, but at least it is a temporary one.

These stickers are glued on with a special water-resistant adhesive which sticks the tattoo to the tooth enamel, and after a day or so, tend to begin to peel. This is a simple tattoo sticker, but there are people who have had 3-D tattoos created by a dentist. The 3-D tattoos are put on the tooth by a dentist, and are generally left on the tooth as long as possible With these types of temporary teeth tattoos, the risk of dental decay is increased because plaque will build up around the 3-D tattoo.

There are even some tattoo artists, such as Steven Heward, who have begun to create false teeth with etched designs on them. Heward says he’s etched images ranging from Elvis to Tweety Bird on a false tooth cap. These teeth tend to be included as a part of false teeth that a dentist will later insert.

With temporary teeth tattoos, the fad has grown, but the practice has been around since the early 2000s.