Maria Jose Cristerna – Vampire Woman

Maria Jose Cristerna grew up is a devout Catholic home. She married at 17, and suffered an abusive marriage. Cristerna turned to tattoos and body modification as a form of self-expression and liberation. She says that the beatings she suffered in her marriage triggered her reinventation, which led to nearly 100% of her body being altered to some degree.

Maria Cristerna has multiple piercings on her ears and face. She has titanium subdermal implants on her temples and forehead. She has dental implants that have created two fangs on either side of her mouth. She has even changed the color of her eyes. Even with all these modification, Cristerna says she is not complete. She plans to have two more titanium implants added to the back of her head.

Cristerna says that the horns are a symbol of her strength; they were implanted without the use of any anesthetic. The fangs were implanted because as a little girl Cristerna loved vampires.

Maria Jose Cristerna leads a fairly normal life. She is a tattoo artists who was once a lawyer. Cristerna is even a mother of four.

This Mexican Vampire Woman wants to be immortal, and she will achieve that as Ripley’s has a wax statue of the woman.